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What is your reason for having a site? What do you hope will happen?
To give a favorable impression of your company or organization.
To develop a qualified list of prospects; i.e Get New Business.
To sell products directly over the internet. - e-Commerce Solutions.
To encourage potential customers to contact us by phone or mail to consummate a sale.
To make available product information, price lists, or support services to customers or distributors.
Or explain here:

Who is your target audience?
Teenagers with high speed internet connection.
Professionals, less than 40 years old with slow/high speed internet connection.
People over 50 years of age with Slow Speed (Dial-up) internet connection.
People with basic computer knowledge.
People with intermediate to advanced level computer skills.
Or explain here:

Domain Name Registration & Website Hosting:
Do you have a domain name registered? (.com,.net,.org)

  Do you need website hosting? Yes    No
Scale of website:
(Static Website)  
1-10 pages.
11-30 pages.
31 or more.

(Dynamic Website)
Interactive response forms (E-mail form, customer support, orders, contracts, questionnaires, surveys etc.)
Online chat.
Guest book.
Website communication forum board.
Shopping/eCommerce Solution.
Online payment processing service e.g. VISA processing or Paypal etc.
Secure Socket Layer Implementation (SSL).
Database driven [MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.] and scripts (Programming) required ?
Is your website multilingual? Yes   No

How would you provide us with the contents of your website?
Text in electronic form.
All the web graphics including your company logo & insignia.

Please choose our exclusive customized services:
Search engine optimization.
Reseller hosting.
Logo/insignia Design.
Website graphics/multimedia Design.
Flash/GIF Animations and flash Introductions.
Website keyword promotion.
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