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Our Basic Web Development Package:

Not all businesses need advanced web application development. To meet the needs of these businesses, webapptron.COM offers cost-effective solutions for businesses requiring custom web solutions, but within a fixed budget frame. For these businesses, we offer standard packages that include customized web solutions plus some amount of effort in developing features to meet specific customer requirements. The strength of webapptron.COM is our ability to combine the advantages of turn-key, e-commerce solutions. As a result the price is exrta ordinary, but you have an opportunity to order something that accurately meets your needs in order to differentiate you from your competition. In addition, our customers are always assured that development costs will not exceed their budget constraints.

To get a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote for a static/dynamic website or any of our enhanced services like software development or custom scripting for your project, please click here.

Our custom built Software Suites:

Knowledge Management Software: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

Share knowledge easily & securely

webapptron.COM Inc. Knowledge Manager allows you to share information from your website or Intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base, reducing customer support, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents.

Already in use by small businesses, universities, non-profits and enterprise organizations, webapptron.COM Inc. Knowledge Manager can be used to:

Reduce in-bound customer support. The web-based self help interface makes it easy for customers to find answers to their own problems instead of submitting emails or calling your support department. Your knowledge base can also be integrated into your contact/support forms to provide instant answers to customer's questions as they type, reducing support even further.

Share company documents and procedures. Whether your staff are in one physical location or one hundred, webapptron.COM Inc. Knowledge Manager makes it easy for them to share, search, rate and print company documents, procedures and more. Forget email or network fileservers - now everyone has access to the same single version of a document from the same location.

Eliminate staff training time. By providing new staff members with a list of company-wide policies, procedures and how-to guides to read in your knowledge base, they can be up and running quicker. You reduce staff training time significantly and give new staff members a "hands on" approach to learning.

Email- Marketing Software: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

webapptron.COM Inc. Newsletter Software is a web based newsletter management system. Using this program, you can just create your message and multiple mailing lists and let the program deliver your letter to every person in one or another recipient list.

Your newsletter is one of the most important parts of your customer relationship work. Your performance greatly depends on your ability to compose newsletters. If they are noticeable, interesting, well designed, informative, promptly delivered and, most importantly, are addressed to your customer personally, they will not be treated as SPAM; your customer will gain interest to the information you provide and it is quite possible he will gain interest to your web site and even tell his friends about you and your business. Undoubtedly, this will improve your web site's ratings and boost your sales and, consequently, your profit as well. It takes quite some time to create a unique, personalized letter for each customer. First, you have to find the person's address and their name, then you insert the message text and copy images from a separate document, and so on. It takes so much of your valuable time, effort, and patience. As a result, this practice turns out to be unproductive.

*NEW* Click here to watch an online presentation of our e-mail marketing software.

Online Dating Software: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

Professional Online Dating Software is a basis for your successful Dating, Networking, and Personals business. When choosing Dating Script you definitely need

Matchmaking Solution: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

Matchmaking solution is suitable not only for online but also for offline business. It unites two spheres of life real and virtual to give you a great opportunity to track the dates and matches of your members and bring soul mates together.

Mortgage Software: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

Mortgage Site Solution is powerful software for starting mortgage business online. Our product is an effective start-up tool for any loan company. Professionally designed web site adds credibility to your business and gives essential marketing tool to reach new borrowers - this is very important to keep in mind when looking for a ready solution.

e-Training Software: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

Learning solution is an outstanding and yet simple Learning Management system. Our product is designed for any education formations: from small distance training companies up to big colleges.

Dynamic Website Publisher/CMS: (E-mail info@webapptron.com for demo)

Our website publishing software is a content management system which makes it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain fully functional websites. Many customers are using our software to power their websites.

To get a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote for a static/dynamic website or any of our enhanced services like software development or custom scripting for your project, please click here.

Ready to go e-Commerce Solutions:

Why go it alone in the world of e-commerce when you can leverage the world-class infrastructure, experience, and development resources of one of the Web's best e-solutions provider?. Our comprehensive e-commerce services include discounted pricing on many of the Web's most effective marketing solutions. You truly get everything you need to succeed online - including the means to attract new customers and increase revenue, for more information please click here.

Merchant Account Signup & SSL Certificate Information:

To signup or for more information on our merchant account services & SSL certificates please click here.

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