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About webapptron.COM Inc.:

webapptron.COM Inc. is a profitable privately held corporation headquartered in Toronto, Canada with one branch office in Asia and one in North America. We are a group of professionals brining our extensive industry expertise to small and medium size firms to increase their profitability by optimizing their business processes and employing appropriate technological solutions. We specialize in brining cost effective and affordable solutions in the area of business management; information systems including ERP, CRM, CMS, custom application design, development and, networks design & implementations. We deliver high quality solutions and services through our motivated and qualified team with a focus on exceeding our clients expectations every time. Our proven experience allows us to provide the best value services and solutions for website design, graphic design, multimedia, web application customization and custom web enabled application development.

Partners list:

Network Backbone Providers & System Infrastructure:


Our Strength & Experience:

Over twenty years of IT experience with concentration in Project Management, SAP R/3 Implementation, Data Warehousing (Human Capital Analytics and Customer Analytics), Information System Planning, Systems Development from defining requirements through implementations of large applications (package and custom development for, retail/distribution, printing, high-tech industries), including the change management and development and supervision of systems and business professionals.

Fifteen years’ of Management and e-Business operational expertise. Key architects in setting up numerous e-Business start ups. Major experience is in Business processes, e-Systems, Web based channels, Large scale Project Management, Messaging/Collaboration, Digital Security, Database designing, Disaster Recovery, IRM (Infrastructure Resource Management) & Multi-Media.

Company Locations & Facilities:

webapptron.COM Inc. manages and maintains its own servers and co-locates in 3 world class data centers. Our data centers are located in Toronto, ON Canada, Houston, TX USA & Vista, CA USA are staffed by highly experienced Systems Administrators, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, hardware experts, network engineers and programmers. Our Systems are Administrated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and features a 100% Cisco powered network with heavy-duty UPS (uninterrupted power) and AC systems. webapptron.COM Inc. data facility is equipped with complete state-of-the-art Cisco systems, including redundant Cisco 7513 routers, a Gigabit Ethernet network, and a 24x7 Network Operations Center. SONET Ring technology, with dual OC-12 and multiple DS-3 fiber optic lines, assures backbone fail over. BGP-4 routing protocol provides stable, efficient and intelligent routing. Bandwidth capacity is kept at twice the peak usage rate, and our internal gigabit connections will allow us to grow to 10 times our current size and still have the fast content delivery and server responsiveness. Even during peak usage more than 75% of our bandwidth is available and unused. The self-healing network architecture virtually eliminates a single point of failure. In addition to the backbone, in place is a backup transit from multiple providers in multiple locations to ensure that data will arrive via the shortest possible route. Because of the backup transit and the many international peers, the network maintains the shortest routes for sending data all over the world.

Management Team:

Mr. Bill Ahmed
CEO & Senior Director Product & Business Development

Bill founded webapptron.COM Inc. in 2001. Prior to webapptron.COM Inc., he held executive and senior project management positions with high tech firms such as Odyssey Consultants, VisVia Inc. & TCS Connect Inc. His areas of expertise include account sales development, strategic planning, recruitment, customer relations, investor relations and technical operations. Bill has a Diploma in Computer Information Systems from DeVry College of Technology and has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University, Phoenix, Arizona. Bill is
an active member of the IEEE and currently oversees various I.T divisions of webapptron.COM Inc. With several years of IT, communications and marketing experience, Mr. Ahmed also implements IT strategies and online marketing programs for GlobeLink Worldwide Inc. GlobeLink Worldwide provides professional logistical services to import and export customers around the world.

Mr. Shafique Memon
Advisor Product & Business Development

Shafique co-founded webapptron.COM Inc. in 2001. Prior to webapptron.COM Inc., he held technical operations position in TCS Express Inc. and currently working as an advisor for TELUS Client Solutions. His areas of expertise include business requirement analysis, investor relations and network analysis. Shafique has a Masters of Science in Computer Networks from University of Middlesex, London, United Kingdom. Shafique is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer and the British Computer Society.

Mr. Asad Khan
Seasonal Advisor

Asad joined webapptron.COM Inc. in 2003. Prior to webapptron.COM Inc., he held DBA and internal technical support positions in Wild Wild East Inc. in Florida, USA. Asad has worked with large organizations like Rogers and Lithocolor as a consultant for webapptron.COM, Inc. His areas of expertise include managing database servers, and project implementation. Asad has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, cum laude, from San Jose State University, San Jose, California.

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